DogWatch Hidden Fence

"How can I keep my pet safe without the hassle and cost of owning a fence?"  Dogwatch is the perfect answer for pet owners who don't have a desire for a fence.  It is essentially a fence hidden underground that will train your dog not to cross or jump over the boundary.  It is a wire that is buried around the perimeter of your yard or anywhere you wish to keep your dog away from.  Your dog wears a collar that is triggered when it approaches the buried line.  This is a training system and not for punishment.  A training program is to be given to the dog.  The small shock administered through the collar is only a reminder of the boundary.  Along with keeping your dog out of the street and neighbors’ yards, this can also be used to keep your dog out of the garden.  So, turn 'em loose and let 'em run without worry.
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